On Being ‘Average’

There are girls who lift more than me, and I’ve been training for about two years. I am not strong. I can lift well, but I will never win a meet against other men in my weight class.

Why do I keep working at these lifts, night after night, in my sweltering garage after my kids go to bed? It’s awesome, in a nutshell.

My maximum lift as compared to anyone else does not matter. What matters is attaining my own maximum lift, which can only be done through practice. Lots of practice. Technique is every bit as important as strength, if not more. Every week, the movement feels a little more innate.

I train to become the best lifter I can be. I may only possess an ‘average’ amount of strength, but I’m logging more hours practicing than most ‘average’ people. That automatically makes me better than average.

That means that I can do anything better than average.

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