Uncle Sam Was Correct

Uncle Sam

… to offer your best work. Every day.

It’s that simple. We’re not going to make it without you. We’ve gone too far in separate ways.

We’re all in this together; the only way to survive is to pull each other up.

That’s what the magic of the internet is about; the ability to share with others. Share any idea you have.

The catch is, we can’t become ensnared in the gridlock of argument. For example: Washington DC. We’ve got good ideas from both sides. It is possible to put two opposing ideas together and compromise. It is not possible though, when other factors (money, fear, pride) intervene. Then, we get negative, rude, we have to run for re-election, we smear, we make false promises; basically we act like children.

Anyone who is engaging in that is not offering their best work. Doing your best work means creating something better than what already exists. If you’re a politician, and you oppose a bill, write a better one. Don’t waste time telling us how bad the other bill is. Show us yours. Or get another job.

We’ve got to support people who work as boldly and constructively as we do, if we value our country (and our planet).

You do, don’t you?

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