ATTN: Smokers

Everyday that you continue to smoke cigarettes, you are a disgrace.
You might be a Nobel Prize winning scientist who discovered the cure for cancer yesterday. How many other cures could you have discovered in the ten years you won’t get? It’s your responsibility to stay alive as long as possible. You’re actually letting people die by not realizing your potential. You’re a disgrace.

You might be the President of the United States, the benefactor to a starving village, a heart surgeon who operates for free, or, an artist. You could be any of these amazing things and still be a disgrace.

There’s no amount of good you can do that also gives you the right to destroy yourself. It’s the opposite. We need you, alive and healthy. You’ve got something to contribute, and we’re all in this together.

What if you’re not one of those ‘famous, influential, or wealthy’ professionals? You can still do something nice for your neighbor, the one right next door to you. You can still paint a picture that changes one other persons’ mindset.

Smoking doesn’t take away what you’ve done; it takes away what you could have done.

“Matt, I’m just fine & dandy being what you call a ‘disgrace’. Leave me alone. It’s my body, it’s my life.”

N0. I’m not OK with it. You may want to die, but I want you to live. I want to see what you can do. So I’ll keep reminding you. Every time I see you with a cigarette.

Perhaps it’s because I love you so much that I get so angry when I watch you killing yourself.

3 thoughts

  1. I agree with you and hadstopped for a long time but ran into extreme stress and startedback up again. But your post has given me pause to think I can quit again.Thanks>KB

    1. KB, I didn’t address something. Let me clarify. I really do sympathize with your point on stress. I formerly was a smoker. Even though I quit, I am very far from perfect and have many faults.
      It’s just that what we’ve done in the past, is no excuse to continue doing it today.

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