Demand Change

You may have read that in Alabama, after over 100 years of having the phrase “white and colored children” written in its State Constitution, is finally moving towards changing the language, albeit by the narrow vote of 9-7. (Yes, that means 7 out of 16 members of the state panel still approve of the old racist language over the new proposal.)
You may also have read that two women started working together on worker’s rights six years ago in Texas, and today have grown their project into a force to be reckoned with by major construction companies and tech giants like Apple.

There are some situations where slow, measured change is appropriate, for example the way the Federal Reserve manages interest rates. Legislative bureaucracy is not one of those situations.

It’s time to demand more from our policy makers, now. Tell them – local, state, and federal – that if they’re not working diligently towards solutions, they won’t have your vote. That means no side tracking issues, no rhetoric, no cow-towing.

They’re listening. They’re on Twitter. They read mail. They care about their public image. Use your voice. The only reason not to speak up is if you think everything is working fine & dandy on all levels of government.

The notion that you can’t effect change is false; ask Cristina Tzintzun.

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