At the Checkout

(Customer in front of me) Did you hear that those McDonald’s workers want a raise from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour? Those people don’t deserve a raise, they can’t even speak English half of ’em. [He says something else and leaves.] (Cashier) It’s ridiculous. McDonald’s probably can’t afford it! You know, so many peopleContinue reading “At the Checkout”

Breaking Norms In #Syria

Why not distribute 23 million gas masks to every single Syrian resident? Cost: I could use some help here from anybody with military knowledge. How much would 1 mask effective enough to save the life of 1 person confronted with a chemical attack, cost (approximately)? Assume wholesale pricing, the government is footing the bill. OnceContinue reading “Breaking Norms In #Syria”

It is a Privilege

How much money is “Fried’s Blog” worth? Just about everyone in the world who is not a blogger, artist, or creator of content would say zero dollars. They’d take one look at the number of followers I have (under 100) and say, “Nobody will pay you a dime until you have a bigger following.” PerhapsContinue reading “It is a Privilege”

“Ladders of Opportunity”

Would you try to climb a rickety, loose, worn down wooden ladder with broken rungs on it? That’s what a factory job is today. In 1940, -50, -60, -70, -80, and even in 1990 you could get a factory job and earn enough money. It might even have included benefits, been enough to buy aContinue reading ““Ladders of Opportunity””

“Everyone Has A Book”

I’ve heard this phrase before. Typically it refers to the notion that there are too many published books. I’ve felt the same way, browsing the aisles of Borders, lost among endless works on specific subjects. Tonight I met a past middle-aged supermarket cashier who told me she had recently written a book. She began itContinue reading ““Everyone Has A Book””

Uncle Sam Was Correct

… to offer your best work. Every day. It’s that simple. We’re not going to make it without you. We’ve gone too far in separate ways. We’re all in this together; the only way to survive is to pull each other up. That’s what the magic of the internet is about; the ability to share withContinue reading “Uncle Sam Was Correct”