Giving: A redaction.

recently insinuated that instead of attaching my name to a charitable contribution, I might just as well wrap it in paper that reads “I’M AWESOME.”
Have I done more harm than good with my suggestion? It was immediately put to the test, when I became interested in a few IndieGogo & Kickstarter campaigns. Projects with perks, for example, that included the chance for me to get my own blog some exposure. If my blog is a good thing, then it must be a good thing to promote another good thing. Right?

For the sake of this article, I define ‘good’ as ‘anything the owner believes to be good.’ A loose definition, meant to include just about anyone who would donate to charity. Such a person might do so in the name of their enterprise (for or non-profit), art, or themselves. (In case you are wondering about a CEO who did not believe their company was good, rather that it was a bad or destructive thing, we are not doing harm by calling them selfish.)

Three things are true:

  1. I believe in humans. We have the ability to determine on our own what is good, and to decide if we agree that what others are doing is also good.
  2. Certainly it can only be good to promote further good.
  3. My original post was selfish and not well though out. I apologize.

Should anyone have read the original post and been even slightly discouraged or dissuaded from performing an act of benevolence, then I have done a great injustice with my writing. I won’t delete it, but I will correct it for future readers.

I will continue to ask for charity and kindness towards those in need – any way I can get it. It is not my place to question motives in these matters.

Regarding my own ethical micro-quandary, I might not even classify a Kickstarter donation a charitable gift. I could view it as a marketing expense, with good vibes attached.

However, at the next opportunity for charity (which is, everyday) without ‘perk’ options (just a gift), I will not feel selfish in promoting my own writing. I am confident that my motives are in the right place.

It will be up to you to decide if you agree.

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