We are setting the bar for behavior too low. Why suspend a driver’s license briefly (30, 60 days) for an infraction that could kill innocent people (texting, DUI)? Why not suspend it six months, or a year, or impound that person’s car (a deadly weapon) right on the spot?

I’m particularly concerned with driving & the penalties associated with driving infractions, perhaps more so over other crimes, for two reasons. First, I drive a lot. Second, the wrecks that I see every other day are most likely 100% preventable & unnecessary. It’s sad. Sad to think that a good person might lose a father, mother, sister, or brother because some a**hole was checking their email.

I’ve also written that punishment is not the answer to crime; that we have to change our mindsets. I still believe that. I believe that it is critical for us to shift our thinking. For instance, in this case, realize that you can wait until you pull over to send messages, or use voice-activated technology only & keep your eyes on the road.

I did not say, however, to abandon punishment. It can be an effective deterrent. If we make them serious enough. I’m not so sure how many people would text & drive if they could have their car impounded on the spot for a whole year, on the first offense.

If several thousand people stopped the behavior tomorrow, how many lives would be saved over the course of that year?

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