Why rob someone?

The answer to crime is not punishment, it is to eliminate want. If I get what I want, I don’t feel the need to take it by other means.
The better question is: What do I want, and, is there enough of it to go around for myself, and for everyone else who wants the same thing?

If money is what I want, then surely there is enough. It’s just not distributed evenly, and therefore there is always the chance that I could become destitute and perhaps resort to stealing in order to feed my family.

Therefore, I must either work to change the distribution of money, or remove the need for it altogether. For although I may not be as likely to resort to crime as some others, I can never assume what I might do if I were in their positions. I can only try to improve their positions.

If I choose not to work towards that goal, then I am submitting to the fact that crime will continue to exist.

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