Woody & Buzz

“If you don’t give me back my Buzz, I’m keeping your Woody.” – My three year old daughter to my one year old son.
[‘If you don’t give us back Eric Snowden, we’ll never honor your future extradition requests.’] – paraphrase, White House spokesperson Jay Carney.

‘If they block our special vote with a 10 hour filibuster, we’ll just call another vote tomorrow.’ – summary of the actions of TX governor Rick Perry.

I try to teach my daughter that she should share, or just be the bigger kid & go play with something else.

My son is too little to explain why he wants to hold the toy so badly. What is the adults’ excuse?

I know that national security, abortion, and pretty much every other issue of the day are far more complicated than toy sharing. These matters are so complicated that I do not even have a firm stance on either side. Each side has valid points usually, but they’re irrelevant to this point:

Acting childish gets nothing done. It’s quite simple to see and stop. Leading by example is not complicated. Swallow your pride & try it. Change will follow.

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