Woody & Buzz

“If you don’t give me back my Buzz, I’m keeping your Woody.” – My three year old daughter to my one year old son. [‘If you don’t give us back Eric Snowden, we’ll never honor your future extradition requests.’] – paraphrase, White House spokesperson Jay Carney. ‘If they block our special vote with a 10Continue reading “Woody & Buzz”

Your pants don’t matter to me.

I used to think to myself, “Look at that guy, he’s wearing ridiculously tight pants that make him look foolish.” Today I looked at that guy and didn’t think anything of it at all. I’ve found that by figuring out what really matters to me, I’m free of all kinds of distractions that used toContinue reading “Your pants don’t matter to me.”

A thought on equality

A response to this, by Adam Liptak from today’s NY Times front-page: Mr. Liptak outlines the problem of “Formal versus Dynamic Equality” well but skirts the answer that everyone knows. Equality is just equality. A Black, Latino, & White person should all have the same rights & opportunities under the law. Rather than try toContinue reading “A thought on equality”